Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm Back! Seriously!

So, in my last post, which was in mid-July (I'm ashamed to say) predicted exactly what happened to me this past summer. I said that once I got my job, I'd be too busy and less focused on my writing... and like I said, that's exactly what happened. I enjoyed making money this summer and I certainly don't mind having some money put away as I work my way into my sophomore year at UMass Amherst, but I'm still bummed that the roll I was on quickly came to a halt.

I'm living on campus now and I have classes and two jobs, but I haven't forgotten about Catching Up to You. I've had so many ideas not only for Catching Up to You, but also for the sequels to it. I've already got a clear plan as to where Kendall and Colt's stories will go through their respective high school and college careers. And I'm just itching to finally get it all written down.

NaNoWriMo is coming up and although you're not supposed to use work that you've already started, I think I'm going to use the opportunity to just get some of Catching Up to You cranked out. It's going to need more than 50,000 words to finish it anyway... so it's not really cheating... really.

So, I'm off to rewrite an outline... and next Tuesday, I'll hopefully have a brand new teaser!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I'm also using November to finish things rather than start anything new.

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Just wanna share everything I write if you'll lemme share everything with you in Heaven. God blessa youse -Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL

Ellen Faith said...

Hey Noelle :) long time no post aye ;)
Well, anyway, when you come back here are two blog awards to make your day :)

Beauty Ink said...

Hey Noelle,

Welcome back. I just got a new layout for Beauty Ink which is my old blog just with a new name and everything. I moved back from Florida in July. So now I'm ready to find a job and get cranking on my own writing. Haha. I have all my ideas written down. And I can't wait. I won't be starting school for a year.

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