"Catching Up to You" Excerpt

I couldn’t peel my eyes from the sky as the final explosion, a magnificent magenta surrounded by gold, exploded over our heads. The last bang echoed down the beach, and we knew it was the last of the fireworks. Everyone was quiet for a moment, still soaking the whole thing in. And then came clapping and cheering from all around us. But Colt and I were silent.

I felt him turn his head to glance at me again. I turned to look at him. His eyebrows were raised, asking for my approval. He was asking, What did you think? I couldn’t say anything. The amazingness of the whole night was weighing down on me. All I could do was nod, the smile that had been plastered on my face only growing wider. He knew what it meant, because he smiled and shouted over the cheering, “Happy birthday!”

Our eyes stayed locked for a moment. I knew I didn’t have to shout over the cheering crowd to tell him I was thankful because he already knew I was. We just stood up on our blanket and joined in with the crowds of people cheering over the incredible experience.

And it was incredible. I felt like it had to be more incredible to me than anyone else.