"Catching Up to You" Synopsis

The greatest love stories are long and historic.

Next-door neighbors Kendall Marks and Colt Benson have been friends forever and for Colt, being four years Kendall's senior, this has always been good enough.

But Colt is having a bad year. He finds out there may have been something more behind his father leaving his mom than needing some space. He gets arrested and his acceptance to Berklee is revoked as a result. And to make everything worse he finds out his girlfriend, Stacy, is pregnant.

Kendall's life, on the other hand, is peachy. She's chosen to be one of the first test students in the high school's accelerated academics program and boys are actually giving her the time of day for a change.

So when Colt unexpectedly ends up attending the local community college instead of going off to Berklee, he and Kendall become closer than ever. As Colt begins to suspect that Stacy's baby isn't his and his mother may have been misleading him for years, Kendall begins to seem like the only stable force in his life.

Will Colt start to see Kendall as more than a little sister just as Kendall is overcoming her childhood crush?